Friday, September 16, 2011

Bitter Beer Face

I remember seeing a beer commercial on TV that featured a guy getting "Bitter Beer Face" when he consumed a lame beer. Bitter Beer Face looked like everything was puckering in! Well...I got some B.B.F the other night...and nobody was drinking brewskis.

Denise and I were attending a fundraising event. It just happened to be on a weeknight. We love to go out and socialize, but if it's a "school night" we don't stay very late. Either would you if your alarm clock went off at 4am!!! So...we hung out...had some drinks..high-five'd friends..then left around 9:30pm. While we were heading out the door, a mutual friend yelled out," Why are you guys leaving so early?" I told her,"I've got a hot wife, and an early wake-up call". I put my arm around Denise and gave her a little hug. That's when she got Bitter Beer Face!!!

Why can't people just be happy that there are actually folks out there who still dig each other? Seriously. When people tell stories of divorce, adultery, abuse,etc, listeners are glued to the details and sympathetic. Talk about love, support, passion and marriage, and you might as well swallow goldfish in front of them. You'll get the same response.."EWWWWW". Sup wit dat?

The same goes for trash talking the "Ol' ball-and-chain". If you diss your spouse to friends you'll always have an audience. If you want to empty a room, try talking to your compadres about how much you love, respect and cherish your spouse. The scramble could actually resemble yelling "Fire" in a crowded theatre!

It's time to lost the Bitter Beer Face. Next time you come across a married couple that is still in love...a simple "Nice" will suffice.