Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Staying Faithful.....Part Deux

Denise and I were "over" for about a month in 1988. Luckily she gave me a second chance...which kind of led to a third chance. There might have been a fourth chance. I'm still a little foggy about the numbers.

There were still some breaches in the "we're-only-dating-each-other" agreement. I hooked up with this seriously drunk cheerleader from an un-named NFL team. Another incident included a viciously drunk news anchor who was dead-on serious on TV, but turned into Ms. Hyde after a few cocktails. Starting to see a pattern here? Remember Katie the waitress who was a Sandra Bullock look-alike? She needed a joint on our date! Most men would be insulted. Not me!!! :)

Denise was furious and dumped me again..and again. Why she took me back is one of America's greatest mysteries!

Finally in April of that year I threw temptation in the trash can and moved on to becoming a one woman, average-looking man. I also threw away the sweat pants I used to wear to work everyday(it's a Philly thing).

My whole world changed on May 4th, 1988. Denise was working at the radio station and received some really bad news. The morning show was canned! Denise was told there was a new morning show heading to Philly. Sam was out. Gone. SEE YA! It was nothing personal....just business as usual in the radio industry. The morning show moved up in the ratings from #12 to #3 in 9 months. But some weasel in a cubicle decided it was time to hire new talent. Denise was shocked. Heck....they canned her boyfriend. The good thing was that co-workers couldn't keep track of our dating. They saw me with different (DRUNK) women and figured we were history. That's why the station management confided the (bad) news to her. Denise did her best to hide her emotions.
She stopped by my place that evening and gave me the bad news....that I was officially supposed to hear from my boss at 9am the next morning.

It all came crashing down. The gig was over! No more David Bowie interviews, cutting to the front of the line at clubs, limos, etc. You know.. all the important stuff to a 25 year old goof from Northeast Philly.

There was only thing left from my radio career.... A beautiful blonde named Denise. Radio brought us together at the Jon Bon Jovi charity event (blog entry #1)...and nothing was going to pull us apart. NOTHING!

Coming up in the next post......Moving to Florida for my new job, without Denise.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hi Katie...I can't see you tomorrow tonight!

Life was good!! Denise and I were dating just each other. Actually, that doesn't sound right. We weren't dating JUST each other....we were exclusive!! Sam and Denise, Denise and Sam. But there was one problem with exclusivity. What do you do about the "future prospects"? You know...the people you met and they weren't available/interested at that time. Oh comes Katie!

Denise and I were going out 3x-4x per week. Life was good! In fact, Denise ended up getting a job at the radio station. The promotions director moved on to another station. Denise was a natural for the gig. She already met the other jocks and the program director...and they were all enamored with her. Denise and I were working together during the day,and dating at night. At work, we played down our relationship. Denise didn't want to muddy the waters of the office politics. (smart move!)

Ready for the problem?

My buddy and I had lunch on most days at a restaurant frequented by radio people. That eatery happened to be located in the lobby of our building. It was just a short elevator Katie. She was the smokin' hot waitress at the restaurant. Katie was an exact double of Sandra Bullock. I used to hit on her every chance available. One day she must have lost her mind....and asked ME out! I said "YES" without thinking's her name (just joking!)

I went behind Denise's back and dated Katie that week. After our romantic dinner we went back to Katie's apartment so she could smoke a joint. Seriously. See...women need drugs to date me! It was a great evening, and we made plans that night to get together Saturday for some more....(edited for family rating). That worked into the schedule, because Denise and I only had plans for Friday night!!!!

The "Denise and Sam" date actually ended up at a luxury hotel in downtown Philadelphia. We had so much fun, that we decided to keep the date going by spending ALL weekend together. What a great idea! But what would I do about Katie???

It had to be a "Defcon 1" secret mission to contact Katie while with Denise. There was only one thing to do.....wait for Denise to:

a) leave the hotel for soft pretzels
b) leave the hotel for a newspaper
c) take a really long, hot shower

Denise chose "c", leaving me enough time to make the call to Katie and cancel our date. Whew...dodged a bullet with that phone call! At least I thought I was one smooth guy.....

That following Monday, Denise and I had lunch at the restaurant in the radio station building. Guess who was our waitress? If you said,"Katie" win! Katie approached our table and asked,"What happened to our date Saturday night?". Denise lost her usual smile and stared at me. I was speechless...that was a rare event.
Denise and I finished our lunch in silence. She later told me that she wanted to dump her plate on my head....but our boss was at the next table. Needless say...Denise broke up with me that day.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No More Dating Other People...

Ed. note; OK...this entry is going to be a little embarrassing. It's about dating another woman named Lori. The problem was........that I met Lori while on a date with Denise.

I was all excited about my date with Lori. We met by the women's restroom during a Hooters/Tommy Conwell + The Young Rumblers concert. Actually, I was at the show with Denise. We were leaving the concert and she had to stop and "powder her nose". I waited outside the bathroom and that's when Lori and her friends approached. One of the women recognized me from TV, and that's all I needed to start the, "We should get together some time" routine. I also needed Denise to use as much time as possible in the ladies room. It would've have been awkward if Denise exited the restroom right when Lori was giving me her number. (I know.....I was a dog...but you knew that from the first blog entry). Lori gave me her number and moved on....Denise came out...all with the precision of an episode of Three's Company.

I set up the date with Lori the next day, and it sounded like she was eager to go out with me! BR (before radio) not many women were eager to go on dates. Now, I can pick up women when standing by bathrooms. I love this country!!!!

The first date with Lori was going to be a simple mission:

1) Show up on time driving a clean car
2) Wear a nice sweater
3) Slop on extra Pierre Cardin cologne
4) Open the door for her at all times
5) Keep dinner costs under $30
6) Duh???

I showed up at her apartment, and her dad was there watching TV. I guess he wanted to meet the schlep taking his daughter out for a date. I'll never forget what happened in her living room. Lori introduced me to her dad. As he got up to shake my hand a commercial appeared on the TV. Not just any commercial, but the morning show spot that I shot about a month earlier in Nashville, TN. Of course in the commercial, I'm wearing TONS of make up, a stylist had worked on my hair and they gave a clothes to wear. Lori's dad looked at the TV...looked back at me....glanced at the TV again...and just smiled. It was if the radio gods looked down to help me score. It was a once in a lifetime event; pick up girl at apartment, meet girl's dad, appear on TV while dad was standing in the room.
( I am not making this stuff up!!!!)

The date with Lori went well, although as a conversationalist, she was no Denise. We both established that we weren't dating other people...blah..blah..blah...under $30. Out of respect for her (wherever she is) I'll stop with the details. I will say that date #2 was in the freakin' hat...or so I thought.

Two days later I was on the phone with Denise when she asked me a very interesting question,"How was the date with Lori?". I couldn't even respond. First of all, Denise and I weren't dating it's not like I was cheating. But I could tell by the sound of her voice that it hurt her a little. I told Denise the date went....uh..well, and wondered how she knew. Well, it turns out that Lori called her friend Angela to tell her about the date. Angela ( stay with me for this) was dating a guy named Mark. Mark went to high school with Denise's brother. Denise's brother told her that I was dating Lori. Philadelphia has a metropolitan population of over 6 million people. How the heck did I date a women with a direct pipeline to Denise?

I realized two things; I hurt Denise's feelings by going out with Lori, and Lori would never go out with me again because I had lied about "not dating anybody".
I decided to make a bold just date Denise. You hear that Philadelphia? I was starting to fall in love with Denise, and no other women were going to screw that up. Well, at least I'll be faithful this week!