Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Staying Faithful.....Part Deux

Denise and I were "over" for about a month in 1988. Luckily she gave me a second chance...which kind of led to a third chance. There might have been a fourth chance. I'm still a little foggy about the numbers.

There were still some breaches in the "we're-only-dating-each-other" agreement. I hooked up with this seriously drunk cheerleader from an un-named NFL team. Another incident included a viciously drunk news anchor who was dead-on serious on TV, but turned into Ms. Hyde after a few cocktails. Starting to see a pattern here? Remember Katie the waitress who was a Sandra Bullock look-alike? She needed a joint on our date! Most men would be insulted. Not me!!! :)

Denise was furious and dumped me again..and again. Why she took me back is one of America's greatest mysteries!

Finally in April of that year I threw temptation in the trash can and moved on to becoming a one woman, average-looking man. I also threw away the sweat pants I used to wear to work everyday(it's a Philly thing).

My whole world changed on May 4th, 1988. Denise was working at the radio station and received some really bad news. The morning show was canned! Denise was told there was a new morning show heading to Philly. Sam was out. Gone. SEE YA! It was nothing personal....just business as usual in the radio industry. The morning show moved up in the ratings from #12 to #3 in 9 months. But some weasel in a cubicle decided it was time to hire new talent. Denise was shocked. Heck....they canned her boyfriend. The good thing was that co-workers couldn't keep track of our dating. They saw me with different (DRUNK) women and figured we were history. That's why the station management confided the (bad) news to her. Denise did her best to hide her emotions.
She stopped by my place that evening and gave me the bad news....that I was officially supposed to hear from my boss at 9am the next morning.

It all came crashing down. The gig was over! No more David Bowie interviews, cutting to the front of the line at clubs, limos, etc. You know.. all the important stuff to a 25 year old goof from Northeast Philly.

There was only thing left from my radio career.... A beautiful blonde named Denise. Radio brought us together at the Jon Bon Jovi charity event (blog entry #1)...and nothing was going to pull us apart. NOTHING!

Coming up in the next post......Moving to Florida for my new job, without Denise.