Sunday, June 6, 2010

Have we met before?

If this was a movie, I would have called Denise the following Monday and asked her out for a date. But it wasn't a movie, it was real life. And if this was a movie, my part would be played by the funny, chubby and un-sexy Canadian Seth Rogen.

I was already dating a hot, sexy nurse named Debbie...while seeing a cocktail waitress named Robin. Don't be impressed. Being on the radio in my hometown was a boom to my social/dating life. I was not a good-looking guy, and didn't have a pile of money to impress women. But being on the radio....HOLY COW...what a dating tool!!!! The uber-impressive technique was to invite a potential date up to the radio station, and say "Hi" to her on the air. You may be thinking that it was a cheesy move....but it was a hugely successful cheesy move!

Denise also wasn't staying at home waiting for the phone to ring. She was just starting to get involved with an older guy( in his 30's!!!!) who was in the nightclub business, AND an assistant football coach at a local college. Luckily, neither panned out. The club owner was secretly married, and the football coach only wanted to watch games on TV.

The "Thanks for including me at the Bon Jovi event" phone call was made the following week. I told Denise how much fun I had that night. I left out the food poisoning part. We made some small talk and realized some interesting facts :

a) We both attended and graduated from Temple University at the same time!
b) We ate at the same food trucks on campus!
c) We got our morning coffee at the same place every day!
d) We were both friends with a couple named "Lee and Susan"!

It was kind of weird. Denise and I must have been a few feet away from each other numerous times on campus for years...but never made eye contact.

When our phone conversation came to it's natural ending....I suggested we get together for a drink, or a quick bite. Maybe she could come up to see the radio station ( heh heh).

But real life doesn't happen quickly. Our first date was about 4 months away.