Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I took her to Denny's for a Grand Slam.....but never got to first base!!!

It wasn't until the following February that "things" quieted down...so I called Denise and asked her about coming to visit the radio station (heh heh) and grabbing a bite to eat. She showed up while I was still on the air. Judging by the look on her face, she wasn't impressed. I later found out that she never listened to this station. (Holy different frequency, Batman!!!)

She was dressed in her corporate attire, and looked like the successful woman she was. Me? Well I was wearing the typical morning-guy radio uniform: sweater and jeans. And I was fairly confident that both were clean.

Now the challenge was to find a place to eat on a cold, miserable Philadelphia morning. Denny's was close to the station. It was actually easier to walk than get in the car, drive across the street and find a parking spot. There was a walkway that went over the street connecting the radio station to the Denny's. BUT...the walkway was covered in ice. Denise was wearing high heels. We started the walk. She was having trouble with those sexy black pumps. I put my hand out to help. She gave me a thank you smile. We were holding hands....in a sort-a-kind-a way.

Breakfast conversation was nice, but uneventful. Lots of small talk. I did my best not to crack any off-color jokes, or tell college stories that involved drinking and vomiting. Denise never lost her corporate cool and composure. In fact, I was feeling this 10 dollar breakfast was NOT going to turn into a sizzling romance. It looked like I was going to gain a friend instead of a GIRLfriend. Yippee!(insert sarcasm here) BUT....having a friend who was a girl was a new concept. Kind of like New Coke.....but better.

When breakfast was over, Denise and I headed back to the station. We held hands again as we crossed the treacherous iced-covered path of DANGER!!! We parted ways... with A HANDSHAKE! Seriously. A handshake. And she was wearing gloves.
No hug. No kiss. Not even a high five or belly-bump. But maybe I didn't get a kiss because the breakfast at Denny's wasn't really a date.

My mind was made up. I was going to wait a few days and officially ask her out. A real date. No hand shakes!!!!!