Friday, June 11, 2010

The "OFFICIAL" first date ends with a..........

Denise and I talked on the phone a few times after that incredibly romantic meal at Denny's. Our conversations that February were getting more relaxed and cozier. She mentioned that she might go to a dinner at the Hyatt hotel honoring the men's basketball team from our Alma mater Temple University.

Here's my chance.....the golden opportunity awaits...gotta make the move....

I said that I would also like to go, and let's make plans to go TOGETHER (a date!)

It was a dressy affair that Friday night. Denise looked lovely/professional in a black cocktail dress and I wore the only suit that I had in the closet. It was navy blue with a white shirt and red tie. Kinda looked like a fell off the inside jacket of any Donald Trump book.

There was one awkward moment. I bumped into a woman I knew that worked at the university. She always talked about her daughter, and insisted I go out with her. About three years earlier I took her daughter out for drinks and dinner. We just didn't click. The daughter, whom I'll call Brittney, looked fantastic in a bikini and out of place in a library. What I'm saying is that she started out a "10" until she began talking....and fell to a "3".

Well Brittney's mom came over to say hello while I was standing there with Denise. "How come you never called my daughter back?", she questioned. I babbled something about being busy with the morning radio show. "Well she has a new number...let me give it to you", Brittney's mom said. She couldn't find a pen. I couldn't find a pen. Guess who had a pen? Denise. With a smile, Denise handed Brittney's mom the pen, so she could write down HER daughter's number so that I might call her again. The mom had such nerve, she never asked if Denise and I were even an item.

Looking back, very few women would've been as cool as Denise in front of the pushy mom. That was a huge plus in my book!

We ate, drank, talked .....blah blah blah. I know that readers of this blog only want to know about one thing, so I'll jump to the end of the evening.

I drove Denise to her home, shut off the engine and walked around to open the car door to help her get out. There was still crunchy snow on the ground, so holding her hand was 50% helpful and 50% romantic. She walked up the first level of the concrete steps, turned around and said that she had a really good time. I agreed about having a good time, but my mind was thinking about the REALLY good time that was about to happen once we got inside and away from the freezing cold Philly night air.

She smiled and extended her leather glove wearing hand (just like at Denny's) and said,"Thanks. Good night." And walked into her house. That was it. No kiss. No hug. No nuttin'! How is it that two 24 year old people can go out on a date, have fun, and not even KISS? I wasn't used to this. We were certainly diggin' each other. But no freakin kiss goodnight!!!! more try, and that's it! There's gonna be a kiss coming up on the next date....or....I'll.....try again? Truth is, I was having more fun with Denise just talking. We both really enjoyed each other's company. It's just that I was in a hurry for those two companies to merge.